A Disoriented Diffident Driver

I hate driving.

I never wanted to learn how to drive. A little secret (actually, not so much of a secret. Anyone that knows me knows this), I got my license when I was 18-not even a year ago.

Along with driving comes freedom but also anxiety. I have no sense of direction and that alone doesn’t make me a very good driver. I also suck at parking. Parking between the lines, in my first try, is a celebratory act for me. It takes me a couple of tries sometimes, but don’t worry I eventually get it right.

I genuinely feel bad for people that have to deal with my driving. Today I reached a whole new level in my driving career……. I ended up driving on the wrong side of the road. Yup, I was that person. A very kind police officer guided me back to the correct lane before any damage was done. It was very embarrassing. But to be frank, It was a bit confusing getting out of the parking garage.

I’m a safe driver, I swear. Yes, I make mistakes…but I have learned from all of them.

Daily Struggles of a Disoriented Diffident Driver:

  • Forgetting what side the tank is on. Gas stations scare me. I am always scared that I will die at a gas station b/c of how sketchy all the gas stations are in Miami. I like to go in and out without having to think about what side the tank is on. ALWAYS DRIVE WITH ENOUGH GAS IN YOUR TANK.
  • Getting lost all the time and having to rely on GPS. I am constantly using the GPS on my phone, that’s why I always bring a charger for my phone.
  • Parking is always a mission. Everyone hates when I drive b/c I park far. I don’t like having to deal with other cars and people.
  • Getting nervous when you have to drive others around. Just be a safe driver and all will be ok. Back seat drivers are the worst but sometimes you can learn things from them.
  • Giving yourself an ample amount of time to get somewhere, just in case you get lost. If it takes 30 min to get somewhere, leave an hour before. With traffic and what not, it’s always best to leave early. Plus, I have always been told: “early in on time and on time is late”.
  • Having to turn down the music so you can focus on what you have to do. I usually do this when I am lost or trying to find parking in a parking garage.
  • Forgetting where you parked (seriously, the worst). I have gotten so much better at this by writing it down and paying more attention to my surroundings.
  •  Studying the map, like you are being tested, before you leave the houseI always like to have an idea of where I will be going. I usually memorize what I will do to get to my destination.
  • Having to make a lot of U-turns b/c you messed up. Yeah, I have become a U-turn queen.
  • Keeping the seat completely up right so you can focus on driving. I still don’t get how people drive with their seat reclined; I would fall asleep.
  • Getting a mini heart attack when you have to drive in the rain. It is nerve-racking. Plus, people don’t know how to drive in the rain.
  • Having trouble trusting those on the road. Miami is infamous for the crazy drivers. It’s hard to go a day without seeing an accident.
  • Feeling claustrophobic in the constant Miami traffic. I mean, who likes traffic? It is awful. I try to avoid traffic times but it seems like there is always traffic.

I have compiled some driving selfies for you guys. I’m sure many of you can relate.


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