Scared, Skeptical, & Sorority Recruitment

Why I Rushed I never imagined myself going through sorority recruitment or joining a sorority. I saw how it was portrayed in movies/TV and thought for sure it was not for me. Looking at all the sorority pictures my friends were constantly posting did not spark my interest, but rather annoyed me. I told myself … Continue reading Scared, Skeptical, & Sorority Recruitment


Tired, Tardy & Timid (on the third week of school)

Third week of school- and you would think I would have it all figured out by now..... I don't use alarms. I always say I have an internal clock that will wake me up whenever I want. Well, today that internal clock woke me up late. I jumped out of bed, skipped my morning workout, … Continue reading Tired, Tardy & Timid (on the third week of school)